Here you can find some resources for scientific (or not) outreach events and for awarded prizes.

Guest for the radio broadcast “Aula 40”, on air October 18, 2017. The topic is:
“Impacts of Asteroids and Collisions of Neutron Stars”aula 40, cnr, pisa, cnr pisa, pacucci, asteroidi

Public talk (in English):
The Hunt for the First Black Holes in the Universe
(Yale’s Society of Physics Students, June 23, 2016)yale, logo

Fabio Pacucci, dalla Puglia a Yale con gli antenati dei buchi neri“,
interview for La Voce di New York, an italian newspaper based in the US.
The interview (in Italian) is part of the section “A Beautiful Mind”,
describing the work of Italians in the US.

VNY, voce new york, giornale, fabio pacucci, pacucci

A Translator’s Guide to the Galaxy“, hosted by Multiverse Translations.
An entertaining article about interstellar communications (in Italian).

wow, signal, wow signal, seti, aliens

Guest for the radio broadcast “Aula 40”, on air January 26, 2017. The topic is:
“Teaching of Science in the High Schools”

aula 40, CNR


I am an active member of the VIS (Virtual Immersions in Science)
outreach program at the SNS (Pisa, Italy).
Visit our website: http://vis.sns.it/
VIS, logo, SNS

Guest for the radio broadcast “Aula 40”, on air June 30, 2016. The topic is:
“Outreach and Scientific Communication: a Mission for Science”

aula 40, CNR

Presentation on black holes for the general public (in Italian):
I Buchi Neri nelle Galassie  (Planetarium of Venice, July 28, 2016)


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